15 February 2017

5 things first-year Business School students should know

Starting your degree is an exciting time, from organising your timetable to figuring out what major interests. We asked our current students to share a few things that they think every first-year Business School student needs to know before they start uni.

1. There’s support available to you
“In my first two years here I worked full time as a cadet and studied part time. I found the Business School really supportive and flexible with my timetabling, which allowed me to balance my work and studies.” Georgiana Ma, Bachelor of Commerce student.

“I’ve really learnt how to tackle the challenges that uni presents. I’ve also learnt how to get out there and embrace the help my tutors present. There is so much support available to you at the Business School.” Emma Cleary, Bachelor of Commerce/Arts student.

2. You can do more than just study while you’re here
“During my first year at the Business School I learnt to be entrepreneurial, and not to be afraid to really express your ideas in terms of any business plans or things that you want to do. I found that if you share with other people that they’ll really give you good feedback, which you can use to build upon your ideas.” Alan Shen, Bachelor of Commerce student.

3. Take advantage of opportunities that prepare you for your career
“The best thing about the Business School is that there’s so many services you can access when you come here. The Careers and Employability Office is probably the main one. Coming into uni I thought that my resume didn’t really have anything on it, but they showed me that there was so many things that I could actually include. Those services are there for you to use.” Laurie Yutuc, Bachelor of Commerce student.

“There are so many professional events and seminars. Going to events like these and networking, really gives you a sense of career direction.” Abigail Hinchcliffe, Bachelor of Commerce/Arts.

4. It’s okay if you’re not sure what you want to do
“When I first started at the Business School I thought I was going to be a finance major, and it took me three quarters of a finance degree to realise that’s not me at all. The course flexibility meant it was easy for me to change to a marketing major, and here I am now graduating with a marketing degree.” Anthony Makragelidis, Bachelor of Commerce/Law student

“During my first year I transferred easily from a Bachelor of Commerce to a Bachelor of Commerce Liberal Studies degree. It permitted me to explore my other passions and options at the University. The Business School provides numerous opportunities to do so.” Brian Kane, Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) student.

5. Everyone’s different, but you’ll still make friends here
“During my first year at the Business School, I found out that not everyone loves Justin Bieber as much as I do. But, they will be your friends anyway.” Annalise Pahos, Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) student.

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