16 February 2017

5 minutes with a Future Leader

We asked the 2017 recipient of the GradConnection Ashurst Law Award, Jasmin Jade Hamade, to share how she got to where she is and how she feels about the experience. Jasmin is currently in her fourth year studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Law at the University of Sydney.

What has shaped you into a Future Leader?
There is no doubt that my parents played the most influential role in shaping me into a Future Leader. They taught me that the three essential ingredients to be successful is to keep learning and understand the power of education is limitless, to be kind and to always work hard.

Secondly, the Business and Law School are transforming students like me into real employable graduates with leadership attributes and a legitimate passion to make a difference. The Business School helped me step out of my comfort zone, taught me skills for impromptu speaking and networking, and prepared me for the nuances of the corporate world. By soaking up all the opportunities that are available such as the Industry Placement Program, volunteering initiatives and competitions, the Business School has helped shape me into a Future Leader.

Has there been any standout experiences during your degree?
All it took was a little bit of courage to reach out in my first year to the Business School for opportunities. Opportunities to do fantastic things are definitely out there for people who are genuinely passionate about what they do. Over the last three years… I have been a Career Leader for the Careers and Employability Office, mentored 16 incoming students as part of the Peer Mentoring Program (three of which I still mentor and keep regular contact with), I have been mentored through the Alumni Mentoring Program, I am the only student member of the Business School's Equity Working Party, part of the Business School's Student Advisory Committee, a Compass Student Leader with the Widening Participation and Outreach Team, and the President of the Work and Organisational Studies Society.

This probably sounds like a resume, but I am proud to keep myself busy with initiatives I believe in. Opportunities are out there and I hope I can inspire other students to get involved. I've done things at Sydney University I will never forgot... all because I sought the opportunity to make a difference and have wholeheartedly applied myself ever since.

How does it feel to have won the Ashurst Law Award?
I still feel so numb - who would have known?! I am so proud of myself. I didn’t even think I would get past the video interview! 

Is there anything you didn’t get to say when you received the award that you'd like to now?
Every single Top 100 finalist has excelled as a leader, which is why they have been picked out as the crème of the crop in each category. I’d like to challenge those of you who can, to offer a leadership opportunity to someone who does not immediately jump out at you as a natural leader and guide them to flourish. Everyone has the potential to lead and the more leaders we have, the better and more productive our world would become.

When you’re not studying, getting awards or being involved with your extra-curricular activities – what do like to do?
I am all about having a balanced lifestyle as the last thing I want is to burn out. I love to keep fit, explore, socialise and bake. More recently, I have been trying to perfect Black Star Pastry's watermelon cake! 

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