13 February 2017

3 tips for succeeding in your first semester

Transitioning from school to university can be challenging. While you’re settling into life at uni, here are some tips from our current students on how to make your first semester at the Business School a successful one.

Take advantage of the great programs available
“It’s important for you to get a head start on your studies, so programs such as Maths in Business and Peer-Assisted Study Sessions will really help you to revise the work you’ve done in class and to work together on problems with your peers.” Jenny Nguyen, Bachelor of Commerce student.

Peer-Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are a peer facilitated support scheme that operate in most core units of study. You’ll get to attend weekly sessions where PASS facilitators help students further engage with course content to excel in their studies. Maths in Business is another free program designed to strengthen your maths skills to ensure high achievement throughout your business degree. The workshops are offered in a range of areas from algebra to Excel skills, all available at beginner and intermediate levels.

Talk to your lecturers and tutors
“Lecturers and tutors are pretty much the experts in the field, some of them have even authored the textbooks you’ll be using in class. So really take the opportunity and gain good advice from them, whether that be going to consultation times or even sending them an email.” Robyn Lu, Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) student.

Sometimes navigating through subject material and concepts can be difficult. Who better to talk to about your coursework than those who teach it? Lecturers and tutors have set consultation times that you can utilise to discuss any questions or concerns you might have related to the subjects you’re undertaking. Make sure you ask for support when you need it.

Find out what opportunities interest you
“Learn about the opportunities that are out there so you can plan to fit the them into your degree.” Tracy Trieu, Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) student.

There are a variety of programs available to you at the Business School. Finding out what you’re interested in early on will allow you to be more flexible so that you can work them into your degree. Some of the opportunities include the Industry Placement Program, Job Smart, competitions and projects, and workshops run by our Careers and Employability Office. Learn more about what you can do while you’re here.

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