4 November 2014

Business Information Systems 101

The Business Information Systems major is sometimes overlooked as a major within the Commerce degree. Here are some insights into why the BIS major is relevant, from the perspective of current BIS students and the Business Information Systems Association (BISA) executive team. 

Why the BIS major is important/relevant and why being apart of BISA would aid students

Businesses cannot operate without business processes. In a continually advancing digital environment, technology, data communication and analysis are becoming a core way in which businesses can differentiate themselves amongst competitors. In this way, the Business Information Systems (BIS) major is relevant because it  provides students with the knowledge and tools to apply information and communication technologies (ICT) to achieve business goals, improve business processes and drive innovation, to name a few.

The Business Information Systems Association (BISA) is the backbone of BIS and aims to support BIS students in numerous ways. BISA offers as many industry-related opportunities and experiences as possible and in turn, provides BIS students with the greatest advantage in securing a job once they graduate.

BISA exec team at our BBQ

Involvement in the BISA is highly beneficial for BIS students through:
  • Providing networking, professional development opportunities and Industry exposure with numerous events such as our Mentoring Program
  • Providing a support network of peers and academia
  • Facilitating active communication/dialogue between students and BIS academic staff
  • Informing students of numerous internship and graduate opportunities
  • Connecting with other BIS students through a variety of social events such as Movie Night, Pizza & Drinks… and more!
  • Expanding networks to other students from different disciplines. For example, we are hosting a Case Study Challenge with SUITS (the IT society at USYD) in Week 13 

BISA Mentoring Program Semester 1, 2014

Statement by BISA Sub-Committee Member Wendy Li (Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science, majoring in Business Information Systems, Information Systems and Pharmacology)

“'What the hell is BIS'” is the first thing that came to my mind when I entered the business school and BIS to me was an unusual misspelling of ‘BUS’. It was not until I discovered the Business Information Systems Association that became intrigued at the career opportunities, and the unique coupling between commerce and technology that exists in the field. If you are like myself (i.e. frustratingly indecisive about future careers), BISA can inform you about the industry, careers opportunities and offer industry experience in financial services, banking and consulting through the Mentoring Program and industry speakers. Personally, the connections and people I was exposed to had a direct impact on developing my passion for technology, and opened up many internship and graduate opportunities! Interestingly, the IPP program began with a focus on Information Systems and continues to offer fantastic internships focusing on BIS at Deloitte, PwC and Westpac to name a few. As for the icing on the cake, various Big Four companies offer graduate positions SOLELY for BISA members, and you don’t need me to tell you how lucrative an opportunity this is! Now is a prime time to take advantage of all the activities BISA offers in an industry that is 1) Growing at a rapid pace, and 2) Seeking skilled graduates. So get to it!"

BISA pizza and drinks night-that's right we're drinking with our super cool lecturers!

Natasha Lay and Elizabeth Lao
Current students at the University of Sydney Business School

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