6 June 2014

FMAA App Launch - Connecting students to the finance industry

"Heavyewight firms are increasingly relying on internships to test prospective graduates".

So what are we, the students of the business school, doing about trying to secure that internship? Well as a commerce student myself,  my first option was to join The Financial Management Association of Australia (FMAA) which gives me the opportunity to network with over 44 sponsors at keystone events throughout the year, whether it be over formal cocktails or a 3 course luncheon at The Hilton. But we believe we need to connect to members on a more personal level.

So over the last 2 years, I have had the privilege of working with the executive team of The FMAA as the first student society in Australia to develop an app. This gives 44 sponsors the opportunity to reach out to students in an even better way, and the value for the students of the business school increases exponentially.

This is an exciting time for any student to be entering the finance industry, and by listening to the needs of its members, the FMAA inaugural app has launched and is facilitating this process. I’ m excited about the potential of this app, but just to get started, this is what you can expect…

Firstly, it opens swiftly to a clean and intuitive calendar that offers users at a glance information that is colour-coded to represent upcoming networking events or application deadlines.

Then, by clicking on a 'networking event' item, students can check not just the time and place, but also the purpose and style of the event, and which sponsor firms will be in attendance. Students no longer have to register manually on their computers - they can RSVP and input their details right within the app, and will receive handy push notifications to remind them as the date draws closer.

Application items can also be accessed from the calendar view, and this this provides a concise summary of the application criteria, job position and relevant information, as well as a direct link to the website to apply right away. Students can also elect to be reminded via push notifications as the date comes closer.

The 'FMAA' app is also an intuitive and convenient way to discover our sponsor firms, with a dedicated section offering brief summaries of each sponsor firm, as well as direct links to useful sections of their website (e.g. applications, contact information), and a summary of their upcoming events.

The 'FMAA' app brings the reach of our sponsors to our members’ pockets. Recruiters will be able to track attendance to their networking events, as well as gauge the backgrounds, degree progression and the calibre of prospective applicants. According to FMAA's Gold and Founding Sponsor, the Macquarie Group, “Here at Macquarie we value innovation. The FMAA App combines creative thinking and functionality by providing a tool that consolidates internship and graduate applications, events and sponsor information all in one place.”

Staying on track to success has never been so easy. ‘FMAA’ launches today, free for iOS and Android'. Download the app on iTunes.

Billy Kovanis
Current student at the University of Sydney Business School, and Sponsorship Director, Financial Management Association of Australia Ltd (FMAA)

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