29 May 2014

Importance of networking

I came to Australia for postgraduate study, and landed at the Sydney International Airport on 24 April 2013. I felt as if I had landed in a place where I shouldn’t be. I said to myself, it’s going to be tough competition to study here unless I can  develop my networking skills.

Networking. The word itself can send shivers down a spine. Networking sounds scary but it is one of the most effective career development tools that you can carry with you for your entire professional life. Even if you are not a born networker, networking is an important skill that can easily be learned and refined throughout your career.

Developing and maintaining a strong network of connections will not only serve you well and help you along your career path, but, overtime, will allow you to assist others along their path. Today, if I feel that I am successful in my studies by getting help from my professors, lecturers, academic and non academic staff at the University of Sydney, its simply because of the word “Networking”.

Networking does not mean “using” people for the information you hope they have. It means building relationships so that you feel comfortable asking for information, advice, and referrals. Developing a good network is a continuous process, as new people enter your life and others leave it.

Developing a good professional network does not happen overnight. It takes time and effort to identify people who you would like in your network, to meet them, and build a good relationship with them. Do not think of developing your network as a one-time only activity. Many people are very good at meeting others and, in fact, enjoy networking.

I would like to advise incoming international students to be proactive in networking. I would recommend them to invest time and effort to do it properly and to be effective. A good network can be an integral part of helping you achieve your career goals. All the Best.

Shivaramakrishnan Ramamoorthy
Current student at the University of Sydney Business School
Master of Management, Master of International Management (CEMS) and Master of Commerce (Marketing)

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