16 June 2011

Visualising The Future

The thought first popped into my head last year when I was working full-time as a producer’s assistant.

With a Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in film and digital art already behind me, I was basically given the advice that if I wanted to develop my career in a more business-orientated direction then it was probably in my best interests to undertake some further study. I started looking around to see what was out there and pretty quickly came across the Master of Management course. It’s concise nature appealed to me straight away and I enrolled earlier this year.

For me, art has always been my primary passion. In year-12, I made a film and entered it into a few festivals and subsequently realised it was something I should definitely pursue. I also really enjoy working in the online area, and since last year have been working with a team of friends on developing an iPhone app. It’s been a challenging process but it’s almost finished. Ultimately I’d like to be an executive producer and I think the business knowledge I’m currently developing will help me get there. I want to be successful at what I do, and while my Visual Arts degree already sets me apart from a lot of people, I’m hoping the Master of Management will help define me even more.

Of course, having no previous background in economics or business has ensured I’ve been on a pretty steep learning curve so far. But that certainly hasn’t proved to be an insurmountable hurdle and I’ve found the whole experience to be extremely rewarding. Another highlight has been meeting and interacting with the large number of international students enrolled in the course. It’s been amazing. Through the degree I’ve also received an offer of work for next year, which is something that wouldn’t have been as likely had I not made the contacts I have.

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