23 June 2011

Strength to Strength

Towards the end of last year I came to the decision that I wanted to do something a little different from what everyone else with my degree was doing.

I just wasn’t satisfied with the options open to me after graduating with an applied science degree in exercise and sports science and I knew I had to undertake some additional study. In today’s jobs climate you need to be quite versatile and possess a range of diverse skills to succeed, so I looked around and found the Master of Management course. I thought that no matter what it lead to, the skills and knowledge acquired would not only come in handy for employment purposes, but also for life in general.

I’m now halfway through and can say that the best part is not necessarily what you learn, but the way in which you learn it. The practical emphasis of the degree makes it feel like you’re getting real business experience that will help you make the transition to the real world. Having had no prior experience of things like economics and business strategy, it’s been excellent.

At this stage I’m not quite sure what the future holds. Currently I’m working part-time as a strength and conditioning coach at one of the GPS schools, which has been fantastic. I haven’t ruled out pursuing a sports science-related career in the future, but I have to say that the Master of Management has really opened up a heap of new opportunities that I wouldn’t otherwise have had. I’m in the position now that at the end of the year I could apply for a job that wouldn’t have been imaginable six-months ago.

Will I somehow combine my sports science knowledge with my Master of Management qualification? Possibly. Or I might do something completely different. It’s quite exciting and I’m now starting to think differently about my future. Right now it’s about keeping as many options open as possible.

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