21 June 2011

A New Breed

Ever wondered what the art of effective management really entails?

While things like business acumen, technical expertise, and a detailed understanding of the corporate environment are certainly important, the real key lies in the ability to develop creative solutions to complex business problems. Not surprisingly, the individual who can routinely formulate such creative solutions will be the one who enjoys the highest degree of employer demand.

The great thing about teaching students with diverse non-business backgrounds is that they tend to approach business problems in surprising and original ways. When we’re looking at the particulars of, say, restructuring a business, the input of someone like a science graduate can be very interesting indeed. Because they haven't been trained or conditioned to think about a problem in a particular way, they’re able to bring a very different approach to the table.

Increasingly, corporate organisations are requiring graduates who possess non-business backgrounds and highly developed business skills. More and more, they’re becoming aware that candidates possessing non-traditional pedigrees are highly effective at generating creative solutions and bringing different thought patterns and perspectives to existing business models. As we all know, the CEO of today’s telecommunications company doesn’t necessarily have to have a degree in telecommunications.

Importantly, opportunities for our versatile graduates to exercise their skills are never in short supply. Through course initiatives such as business projects, guest lecturer programs, networking functions and skills seminars, participating business partners have ample opportunity to monitor students’ progress and assess their ever-improving ability to critically evaluate business problems and present creative solutions. As such, it’s not uncommon to see students presented with numerous job opportunities following the conclusion of their studies. It’s just another example of the way we focus on delivering real results and real opportunities.

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