12 April 2018

How to get the most out of graduate recruitment season

With graduate recruitment season well underway, the CEO has put together five tips and tricks to help you land that ultimate offer.

Get Started!

Do your homework so that you know which companies you are interested in before you apply. It may be useful to attend careers fairs, information evenings or networking events which involve companies that you are interested in. It is also a useful exercise to read the latest news on the companies, peruse their social media pages and website, and speak to people in your network to gain a better understanding of their company culture.

Be aware of the application opening and closing dates for each of the employers that you are interested in. A great way to manage your time when completing multiple applications is to use the GradConnection Calendar. Be aware that many employers encourage applicants to submit their applications early rather than wait until the listed deadline.

Recruit a second pair of eyes

Attention to detail matters – you have spent the last three (or more) years studying at University to land a job in this field. You should make sure that all of your application materials reflect the level of effort you have put in. This should include ensuring that your application is free from grammatical or spelling errors and ensuring you have genuinely answered each question put to you.

You can drop by the Careers and Student Experience Lounge on the ground level of the ABS building and have your resume reviewed by one of our Career Leaders, Monday – Friday, 1pm – 4pm during teaching weeks.

Practice Makes Perfect

Students should take advantage of the opportunities available to them to practice the skills which are tested throughout the recruitment process. The Careers and Employability Office hosts a number of events, such as its Mock Assessment Centre Workshop and Mock Interviews, which can help you feel more comfortable when doing the real thing. You can also do practice psychometric tests and aptitude tests online and will find links to these resources on the Careers and Employability Office e-community on Blackboard under “Interviews and Assessment Centres”.

Dress to impress

If you are lucky enough to land an interview, you should ensure that you dress appropriately for the role. In a corporate setting, this will generally mean that men should wear a suit and tie, while women should generally wear a skirt or slacks with an appropriately cut blouse and blazer. The same tips apply for skype or on-demand interviews.

Keep going!

We know that the graduate recruitment process can be very long, stressful and emotionally draining for students. It is important that you maintain a healthy headspace throughout the process and ensure that you continue to balance your studies. Try not to let yourself be too disappointed by any rejections which may come your way. We encourage you to seek support from family and friends and continue to do activities that you enjoy – for example, spending time with friends or playing a sport. If you do feel that you could use extra support, we encourage you to contact CAPS – the University’s Counselling and Psychological Services, or reach out to organisations like Headspace and Lifeline.

By Emily Setter, student at the University of Sydney Business School and a Career Leader for the Careers and Employability Office.

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