23 April 2018

CEO on the Road: Citi Australia

Two of our students, Alex Shu and Beixi Peng, recently got an exclusive tour of Citi Australia's Sydney head office as part of CEO on the Road. Alex and Beixi share their experiences as they gained invaluable insight into the banking and finance industry at one of the world's largest banks.

CEO Career Consultant - Sam, Citi Australia CEO - David Livingstone and students - Beixi and Alex at Citi Australia's Sydney HQ

Alex Shu

Monday 26th of March was one of the most amazing days during my university years. I had the opportunity to visit Citi Australia’s head office in Sydney as one of two student ambassadors with Beixi. A big shout out to our Business School Careers and Employability Office (CEO) for organizing this astonishing experience, especially to Career Consultant Sam, and Communications Coordinator Jay. They have always been strong supporters for all our Business School career-minded students. I highly recommend all Business School students to subscribe to the CEO Newsletter and join the CEO Facebook group now, for more greater experiences coming soon!

After arrival, we were greeted by James, the Campus Recruitment Manager, who took us on a tour of their office. We chatted with him about Citi’s internship and graduate opportunities, during which he highly recommended that we should prepare for a career in banking as early as possible.

We then met with 3 Graduate Analysts USYD Alumni), who shared their experience working in Citi’s Consumer Banking Graduate Program and highlighted the opportunities to rotate across different areas including cards & loans, decision management and retail banking, and gain diverse international working experience.

The interview with the CEO of Citi Australia, David Livingstone, was the most exciting part of the visit. He explained Citigroup’s strategies as a world-renowned global bank and his very own personal career journey. Moreover, he advised that young professionals should take challenges in their career, and learn fast. David spent a little bit more time with us after the video interview to ask us a few questions about our career aspirations.

Lastly, investment banker and USYD Alumni Peter joined our interview. Peter suggested students should be curious and brave to explore their career possibilities, whilst he shared with us his great career transformation from accountant to investment banker.

Beixi Peng

After only 3-weeks of my master’s study at the University of Sydney, I was so honoured to have the opportunity to visit Citi’s Sydney head office as a student ambassador. Thanks Careers and Employability Office (CEO) for organising this amazing event.

Upon arriving, we met the graduate recruitment manager James, who was our host during the visit. We asked him about Citi’s recruitment process for graduates and learned that Citi hires most of its graduates through their internship program, so it is best to prepare early! I was also impressed to hear that Citi offers the ‘Women in Banking’ scholarship to support gender equality in the finance industry.

Throughout the interview with 3 graduate analysts, I gained a deeper understanding of the roles that exist in consumer banking. Citi’s new consumer banking graduate program is very appealing because of the learning opportunities. Students are rotated through different areas including cards and loans, decision management and retail banking. Not to mention that there are many global opportunities within Citi.

We also had the privilege to interview the CEO of Citi Australia, David Livingstone, who spoke to us about Citi’s strategies as a world-renowned global bank and his personal career trajectory. He advised students to take risks in their career, learn quickly and take advantage of every opportunity and challenge. David was very patient, and he spent more time chatting with us after the video interview. He provided me with more of an insight into a career in finance and gave me questions to think about during my future study including the relationship between finance and psychology.

We concluded our visit with investment banker Peter, which was the highlight of the visit for me. Peter suggested students to be curious and take every opportunity to explore their career options. Having completed an undergraduate degree in health, I could relate deeply to what he said. Ever since I was a child, all I wanted to do was help people. However, if I hadn’t worked at various international events during my undergraduate study, I would have never been offered my first full-time job in business, and I wouldn’t be studying a Master of Commerce now. I truly enjoy the new perspective that studying business has brought me.

What I experienced and learnt in Citi was incredibly valuable. I also really appreciate the time I spent with our lovely Career Consultant Sam, Communications Coordinator Jay and fellow student Alex. They have been very supportive throughout the entire visit and it was wonderful to share the journey with them. If you would like to have an awesome experience like I had, subscribe to the CEO Newsletter and sign up for as many career events as possible!

Written by:
Alex Shu and Beixi Peng, current students at the University of Sydney Business School.

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