21 February 2018

Things you should know before Business Orientation Week

Not sure what to expect as you head to the University of Sydney Business School's Orientation Week? Harry Nicol shares six tips that every Business student needs to know before attending Orientation Week.

1. Introduce yourself first

Break the staring stalemate early. When waiting around for stuff to start, most people really appreciate that guy or girl who breaks the silence and asks everyone for their names.

2. Learn to avoid the queues

The hardest part of Uni is not the study, it's the administration. Learn all the tips you can on where to get help to avoid the lines at the Student Centre. You might not need it now but at some point over your degree you will need admin help.

3. Educate yourself

Orientation day might not answer every single question you have but it will give you a better idea of what questions you will still need to ask and where to go to answer them.

4. Ask for help

Your peer mentor will be able to help with tips and tricks that aren't in your student handbook. Ask them about where to get textbooks, a good coffee place (or vanilla milkshake if you're like me) and how to find a free computer on campus. Expect them to help you find the buildings your classes are in during orientation.

5. Get involved at Uni 

Clubs and societies are a goldmine of experiences and friends but you need to give them your time before you'll find anything meaningful. They are the fastest way to make friends, both professional and unprofessional, so trawl the stalls at business orientation and USU OWeek (down Eastern Avenue). I've ended up running a social marching band (SUMBA) and being involved in Science Revue (SciRev). If you can think of a club, it exists. And if it doesn't exist then make your own club!

Side tip: SUBS (Sydney University Business Society) first year camp is a good way to fast track friend making, I didn't go and regretted it.

6. Get job ready

The Business School’s CEO is not the Business School’s chief executive officer. CEO stands for Careers and Employability Office and they can help you get job ready with workshops and resume consultations. Join their Facebook group (search ‘CEO@SYDNEY’) to stay updated on what they have to offer.

Check out everything that's on during the University's Orientation Week.

Written by Harry Nicol, student and peer mentor at the University of Sydney Business School

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