12 May 2017

How smooth is your drive?

If you're a driver, you know that you need to service your car regularly. Sometimes, you need to change the wheels, replace components, but you're basically swapping out the same thing for the same thing (even when they're still functioning well!). It feels like a waste but you still do it, because if you don't, sometime down the track you know your car will break down.

The same can be said for your career development. You might have already figured out what roles you want to work in after you graduate, and you may already have a neat list of professional and extracurricular activities lined up on your CV. Regardless, it is extremely important that you revisit and ensure your career development path is well maintained and still relevant. Otherwise, your car may break down somewhere down the line.

Three simple steps that you can go through periodically to service your car:
1. The Ideal Journey Forward
The destination is important, but what is perhaps even more important is to consider the journey you're taking to get there and making sure it is something you're happy with. Three questions to think about when considering your next step in your career journey:

  • What experiences do you want to gain?
  • How do you want to grow?
  • What do you want to contribute to?
2. Service Your Car
You need to assess where you are at now and what type of car you have (i.e. your academics, your professional experiences and leadership experiences), and ask yourself whether you are happy to take this car on your ideal journey forward. Which part of the car do you need to focus on servicing for you to be happy?

3. Choose Your Road
The landscape is constantly changing. Knowing the ideal journey you want to have and having a newly serviced car can help you choose the best path. Search for new opportunities that can bring you experiences and growth you want, as well as contributions you desire to make. Keep an open mind and you might find yourself in a better career path than you had previously imagined!

Come drop in to the Careers Lounge at the Basement of the Abercrombie Business School and we will help you with servicing your car and choosing the next road to take. We provide resume/CV checks, cover letter reviews and one-on-one career counselling. 

CEO programs I have participated in and why I loved being a part of it:
  • Mentoring: it is a great way to give back and contribute to nurturing the future of the Business School 
  • IPP: it is a great way to gain industry experience and find out what you love to do with the people you like doing it with.
  • Career Leaders: it is a fantastic place to help others with their journey of professional development and career progression. Gain some tips for yourself too, while you're at it!
Dream Career: multi-industry entrepreneur 

Where do you want to be in ten years? 
Travelling  the globe consulting for MNCs on cross-industry developments.

What CEO service do you highly recommend students to utilise:
Resume review and workshops & events. Having a focused environment to work on yourself in the Careers and Student Experience Lounge. 

By James Leung, current Bachelor of Commerce and Science student at the University of Sydney Business School

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