9 November 2015

My Experiences with the Financial Management Association of Australia

After starting university at the beginning of this year, I was eager to start thinking about how I could best to position myself for my future whilst further developing my understanding of commerce. In light of this, I applied to become a subcommittee member of FMAA, which has since offered me a wide range of experiences, challenging me both personally and professionally to a degree I never expected in a student society.

Through my role on the subcommittee I have attended numerous events run by FMAA that establish a connection between students and industry. The opportunity to personally engage with representatives from various firms is one that I have found particularly beneficial, allowing me to develop my communication skills within a professional environment whilst learning more about everyday experiences within the workplace.

My involvement with these events was not limited to just participation. As a member of the subcommittee, my role involved assisting with organisation and preparation. Events such as the Down-to-Business Luncheon required lengthy preparation and extensive coordination with sponsors, students and within the team itself. This experience with FMAA has helped me understand the value of teamwork, as all the members relied upon each other to ensure the event was a success, from initial marketing all the way through to collecting feedback.

As the University of Sydney branch of an Australia-wide society, this level of teamwork is required not only amongst our own branch but nationwide, and flying down as a team to Melbourne for the FMAA National Conference last month allowed us to meet the executive members of other chapters. On a personal level, the conference provided me with a unique insight into the operations and everyday issues faced by most firms. Discussions of how to ensure effective communication between FMAA’s divisions and how to best add value for all relevant stakeholders reflected matters that commonly arise in a professional environment, and was another experience that contributed to my overall understanding of how life will be in the workforce. And beyond the conference itself, the team also took the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the local culture, enjoying the warm days in local caf├ęs, shopping and watching the AFL grand final, practically mandatory in Melbourne.

Throughout the year, I have been frequently asked why I decided to get involved with such a society in first year rather than wait until the events were more relevant to my career prospects. But personally I see a lot of value in developing the skills and the knowledge crucial to success in the workforce gradually over time, and I would encourage other first year students to start early and take advantage of similar opportunities offered by the Business School. FMAA has offered me a range of skills that are critical for workplace success and introduced me to a set of new friends, an experience I would recommend to all students.

Alexis Orsmond
Subcommittee member of FMAA and current student of the University of Sydney Business School

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