10 June 2015

Culinary Tales

By Ceewing Tsui, Culinary Tales Project Director, current student at the University of Sydney Business School and member of Enactus Sydney - a community of students, academics and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world.

Who doesn’t love a good story accompanying good food? Culinary Tales, an initiative of Enactus Sydney, provides a unique cooking class experience. In our Culinary Tales classes, our customers learn authentic recipes from a variety of exotic cuisines, including regions such as Yemen, Nigeria, India and Tibet, from our refugee chefs, while hearing their stories. Be whisked away on a culinary journey as you hear the stories behind their own experiences.

“I am thankful to Enactus for giving me the chance to cook and share my recipes.” - Tashi (Culinary Tales Chef)

The beauty of food lies in its universality; its power to forge connections between a diverse range of cultures. Upon attending a Culinary Tales class, you gain an insight into a new culture and the experiences of a refugee. When you arrive at the cooking class, you will be greeted by one of our lovely refugee chefs (RCs) and a host of fellow class members with whom you will have a truly memorable time.

Then, when you learn to cook the dishes, you will also find out about the personal stories embedded in the traditional dishes you are making, and experience the feeling of home that each of our chefs bring to their recipes. Once you have made the dishes, you will also get to share an amazing meal together and learn more about each other!

“Despite all hardships, my passion for cooking continued to grow.” - Joan (Culinary Tales Chef)

What is unique to Culinary Tales classes is that you get a hands-on experience in cooking new and exotic cuisines together with other locals, whilst listening to the chefs’ inspiring stories. The Culinary Tales experience isn’t just about learning new cuisines, it’s about connecting with new cultures and refugees.

Our classes are located at the Lane Cove Living and Learning Centre (180 Longueville Rd, Lane Cove). Be sure to give us a like on Facebook and check out our website to keep updated on upcoming classes that will be advertised soon!

About Culinary Tales
Unfortunately, there is a high rate of unemployment amongst newly settled refugees even if they are highly skilled or qualified. This is why Culinary Tales is aimed at improving the employability, skills, and integration of these refugees into the larger Australian community, via a standalone cooking class business, which hopes to promote their uniquely diverse culinary experiences and culture.

Culinary Tales provides refugees with work experience by employing them to help run a cooking class to showcase their exotic cuisines. Food has a tangible role in forging links to connect a diverse range of cultures. Not only can we share the ways of cooking of refugees, we can also share their stories with the wider community.

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