15 November 2012

Unlocking The Door To Business Success

As a business owner with limited technical expertise, there were things I didn’t know that I didn’t know.

Since enrolling in a Masters of Commerce at The University of Sydney Business School, I’m finding out exactly what those things are. While only a third of the way through the degree, I’ve already developed a solid understanding of crucial areas like accounting, finance, international business and strategy - the very cornerstones I need in order to move my career forward.

The decision to fill the gaps in my knowledge was an easy one. I’d already been running my own education business for five-years, but with things stagnating, I knew I needed to learn more fundamental business theory. Although I was an expert when it came to the educational product I was selling, I lacked the appropriate mindset as well as the ability to make informed and strategic business decisions. As a result, I kept coming up against walls that prevented any significant progress.

So far the course has been great, especially the stuff on critical thinking in relation to assessing specific ideas and decision-making processes. The international business unit, which covers things like strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship, has also been great because it’s definitely expanded my scope of thinking. These are key issues for me and it’s helped a lot.

The university itself is also like a laboratory in which I can test my own business ideas and theories to see what might work and, just as importantly, what won’t. I can talk with my professors and lecturers about these ideas and assess their potential for success in the real world. This will enable me to identify my strengths and provide me with a strong direction for when I graduate. Ultimately, I want to take my education business well beyond where it is now, and I believe the skills I’m currently acquiring will enable me to do just that.

Author: J Koo – Masters of Commerce student

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