20 June 2012

How Social Media Is Impacting Recruitment

It’s no secret that social media is already having a significant impact on recruitment and recruitment processes.

Indeed, with tools like LinkedIn and Facebook facilitating the creation of online communities, the ability to network with people and the ease of transparency in regards to a candidate’s previous skills and experiences, key questions for the future really hinge on the extent to which that impact is influencing and challenging organisational policy. It’s these very areas that will form the basis of a new three-year, ARC-funded project.

As part of the initiative we'll be examining the practices of organisations as they manage their recruitment processes in the context of new social media options such as LinkedIn and Facebook in order to source talent for specific projects. We’ll also examine how businesses can stay connected to potential talent via social media without spamming them to the extent that they lose interest. Furthermore, we’ll attempt to ascertain the in-house recruitment structures that best capitalise on available social media tools. We’ll also be looking at how the use of these tools is impacting the recruitment industry itself. For example, is the nature of the industry itself changing? Or are recruiters embracing the technology and merely using it to complement their current activities?

The emerging issue of employee and employer brand alignment will also be a key focus of the study. With an employee’s social media presence having potential implications for how their employer is perceived, it’s no surprise that the merging of marketing and HR is becoming a greater priority for companies trying to grapple with key questions like: what are you allowed to say on Twitter and Facebook? What’s appropriate? What’s not appropriate? Must the online thoughts and allegiances of the individual match those of the company?

Author: Dr Kristine Dery – senior lecturer – University of Sydney Business School

Image source: Mashable Business - How Employers Really Feel About Social Media

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