18 April 2012

Unleashing The Entrepreneur Within

When it comes to the process of self-assessment, it’s only natural for us to examine the career paths of our peers and compare our own trajectory with theirs.

While it might work for most people, it’s a benchmarking model that any budding entrepreneur must studiously avoid. That’s because achieving success along the path less trodden requires an acceptance that things no longer progress according to a linear fashion. It requires a high degree of self-trust and an acknowledgement that the challenges will be significant.

Success also depends on being equipped with the necessary tools to turn vision into reality. That’s where my University of Sydney Masters of Commerce degree has proven invaluable. Undertaken in conjunction with a computer science degree back in 2000, the course enabled me to shift my thinking from a solely tech-based frame of reference to the area I was really interested in - commercial technology. In fact, there’s no doubt that the innovation subjects within my commerce degree were absolutely crucial in fuelling my desire to experience and experiment with entrepreneurship.

The lessons learned have proven vital, particularly when it came to establishing my latest start-up idea, Beat the Q. In this instance, inspiration struck when driving past my local café. There was a long line-up and I also had no cash, so I kept driving. As a result, the café owner missed out on a $10 sale and I missed out on my coffee. I quickly decided to develop a website and iPhone app that enables consumers to not only search for a coffee vendor, but also to pre-order and pay for their beverages. Current feedback suggests it’s proving to be an excellent timesaving convenience tool.

It’s no secret that I’m an absolute advocate for doing your own thing. Whether you’re looking to utilise your innovative potential within a small tech start-up or a large corporate, your inner entrepreneur is something that definitely needs to be fostered.

Author: Adam Theobald, CEO, Beat the Q Pty Ltd

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