14 December 2011

Seasons Greetings

After a fabulous and rewarding 2011, the festive season is once again well and truly upon us.

For us here at the University of Sydney Business School, it’s a great time to reflect on the outstanding academic performances and groundbreaking programs that have defined the past 12-months, particularly in relation to our internationally recognised Master of Management program. It’s also the perfect opportunity to reflect on the success of this very blog and to thank you, the reader, for all the support you’ve afforded it since its inception back in June.

From its very first instalment, the Big Opportunity Blog has been an initiative enthusiastically embraced by a wide range of students, academics, and industry representatives, who have utilised the forum to highlight the issues and ideas important to them. Judging by the response and patronage of this site, we think it’s fair to say that you’ve found their entries just as interesting and insightful as we have. For all those that have not only visited the blog each week, but also spread the word to friends and colleagues via Twitter, Facebook, and even old-fashioned word of mouth, an additional thank you is definitely warranted.

The good news is that we’ll be doing it all again next year. Starting in February, the Big Opportunity Blog will once again be open for business. As usual, you can expect it to constitute a regular sounding board for some of the leading thinkers and participants in the academic and business fields. Until then, it only remains for all of us here at the Business School team to wish you all a happy, safe, and wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Oh… and for those of you who want to get a jump start on some big career opportunities in 2012 we’d love to see you at our postgraduate information night on January 31. Register now

Author: The team at the University of Sydney Business School

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