24 November 2011

Opening New Doors

Having been coordinator of the Business School’s Clubs and Societies Program for the past five-years, I’ve come to realise just how much an involvement in extracurricular group activities can add to the university experience.

For starters, being part of one of our affiliated clubs is a great way to incorporate a social aspect to uni life that might otherwise be hard to find. This can particularly be the case for first-year students who are looking to meet new people in a brand new environment. And with a lot of our societies having a focus specifically related to Business School studies (such as marketing, finance, work and organisational studies, and commerce), taking an active interest can also be a great way of finding out where your true academic interests lie.

Club events and meetings also afford members a chance to meet not only likeminded students with similar interests and majors, but also key industry representatives and guest speakers. These functions provide solid networking opportunities, especially for postgraduate students, and a chance to gain some firsthand insight into what it’s actually like to work in a particular field. As such, being part of a club can inspire and motivate while also imparting a strong sense of future career direction.

Even further benefits await those students who opt to take on challenging club project leadership or executive roles, with the skills developed as a result of going that extra mile having strong relevance for future career application. Indeed, I’m frequently impressed with the abilities that students in these roles demonstrate, particularly as they get towards the final year of their degrees. If I haven’t sold it enough already, it only remains for me to say that the social BBQs and soccer games run by our clubs are also first-rate fun.

Anyone seeking to become involved in one of our clubs or societies can get more information by contacting me directly at lisa.kelaher@sydney.edu.au or visit the Clubs & Societies page.

Author: Lisa Kelaher – University of Sydney Business School Clubs and Societies Program Coordinator

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