12 October 2011

Getting The Good Oil

The question of whether or not to pursue a Masters education can be one of the most perplexing decisions that any Bachelors graduate will ever contemplate.

That’s where the University of Sydney Business School’s Postgraduate Information Session (scheduled for 6pm this Thursday at The Hilton Hotel), can play a defining role. A showcase for our extensive programs, the event will not only enable potential students to interact firsthand with key academic advisers from each Masters program, but also to pick up some invaluable tips for Masters success via a panel discussion involving academics, senior business representatives, and a recent Masters graduate. One of our key recruitment tools, the event is targeted at both on-shore international students and Australian citizens considering part-time or full-time study commencing next semester.

In effect, we try to enable students to answer two critical questions for themselves. One: why opt for postgraduate study in the first place? And two: If I do decide to go for it - why should I do it with you? In relation to the first, it’s no secret that today’s employers are looking for candidates possessing aptitudes that may simply not be present in bachelor-level students – things like strategic thinking ability and advanced team leadership skills, for instance. While equipping participants with these types of high-level technical skills, a Masters education also increases the likelihood of rapid career advancement and higher starting salary levels.

When it comes to the attraction of undertaking study at Sydney University Business School, the fact that we deploy a vast range of research-based expertise into all our Masters programs is perhaps the most compelling reason of all. In addition, we have a suite of over 20 masters programs, most of which are specialist, professionally-credited degrees in areas like accounting, HRM, marketing and logistics, management, and international business. These offerings are strongly complemented by our general management education programs, such as our critically acclaimed Masters of Management. It’s fair to say that any one of these is a great way of turbo-charging any budding career.

Author: Professor John Shields - Postgraduate and Master of Commerce Program Director

If you are interested in attending the Postgraduate Information Session, register now.

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