1 September 2011

The Right Advice

Choosing to enroll in a postgraduate degree is perhaps the most important decision of a student’s academic career, yet selecting the right one can be a daunting challenge.

Indeed, the majority of postgraduate enquiries we receive involve potential candidates asking about not just one, but three to four different programs. What’s even more interesting is that those programs usually span two or three faculties. So even if someone’s interested in, for example, a Master of Commerce and Master of Marketing degree (both offered within the Business School), they may also ask about a Master of Strategic Public Relations, which is offered through Arts and Social Sciences.

That’s why having access to the right information and advice regarding all the available choices is so crucial. With this in mind, one of the best places to start is the university’s new postgraduate website. The site is unique in that it enables possible course options to be pinpointed based upon individual study motivations. These may include the desire for professional development or career change, or the need to enhance professional qualifications or indulge a personal interest.

In addition to the site, the university’s postgraduate GO Expo (to be held on September 22) will also be an ideal opportunity for people to come and find out about every postgrad degree offered across the whole university. With 16 faculties all up, it promises to be a very efficient way of canvassing all available possibilities in one go. The expo will also provide the chance for potential postgraduate students to sit down and talk to academics about particular programs of interest, as well as the type of career outcomes that might eventuate from choosing a particular course. With postgraduate study such a potentially life-changing activity, both are options I would highly recommend exploring.

Author: Michaela James – University of Sydney Postgraduate Student Recruitment Manager

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