14 July 2011

No Shortage Of Options

I’d planned to do a Masters degree at some stage in my life but I didn’t know whether that was going to happen at age 20 or age 40.

Having completed my undergraduate degree in Marketing and Public Relations towards the end of last year, it was something I was certainly considering as a next step. Well, it was either that, getting a job, or going traveling. In the end, I think I felt I wasn’t really ready to leave uni, so I started researching different masters degrees options. Eventually, a friend put me onto the Masters of Management program. I saw it as a great opportunity to differentiate myself, develop the skills I'd learned, and gain the confidence to be a leader in my chosen field.

I was also attracted but the prospect of interacting directly with businesses and participating in amazing projects like the Deloitte Fastrack Challenge. I think that type of hands-on emphasis is a major advantage, and I also think that being able to go into a business interview at the end of the course and say that you’ve had all these practical experiences already will be a major advantage.

I’m currently halfway through and love the fact the course has attracted a really diverse range of students. In an undergrad environment you’re all taught to think one way, but here people go at ideas from so many different angles. That aspect has really surprised me. But probably the best part is that the actual student cohort is so much smaller than what I’m used to. It’s like being back in high school, with the same people in every class. We all help each other through.

Originally, I saw myself going into a marketing role after finishing university, but now I’m not so sure. The more I progress, the more I think that maybe that isn’t where I want to go. For example, the Fastrack Challenge has got me considering management consultancy as one possible future career path. One thing’s for certain: I have so many more options than I did a year ago.

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