7 July 2011

A Long Way From Home

I really wanted to study abroad and saw Australia as the ideal place, largely because of the good reputation of its universities and the fact I’d get to enjoy sunshine for most of the year.

The particulars of the Business School’s Master of Management degree also played a big part in my decision to enroll here. I have a degree in Social Work and my main aim is to get into management in that area. To achieve that aim these days you need some kind of business ability. While I had done some business components within my degree back in Germany, I didn’t think it was enough. I wanted to extend that knowledge and gain new skills, and then go back home and apply them.

One of the main reasons the degree appealed to me was that it was a one-year course. The equivalent program in Germany would have been two-years and would have entailed much less practical work. The idea of doing a business project instead of a thesis also impressed me. Although my limited business knowledge ensured that it was quite a sharp pace in the early stages of the course, this just added to the challenge and I think it’s actually worked out quite well.

The best thing so far is that we’ve done a lot of direct work, so instead of just learning about concepts we’re actually using them. I also like the way the Business Faculty make it possible for us to meet professionals from different areas of the corporate and NGO arenas. I’ve found this very interesting as you actually have the chance to talk to them about what they’re doing instead of just studying the theory in a classroom.

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