21 July 2011

The Finishing Touches

In the current economic climate, possessing a distinctive personal brand and strong credibility is more important than ever.

From my own experience, I can say that the Master of Management degree is a program that allows you to achieve just that. Having already completed a commerce degree prior to enrolling, I was subsequently impressed by the constant opportunities to apply my existing knowledge in partnership with other students, staff, and corporate partners. The emphasis on accountability, adaptation and persistence was also a major selling point. And while the course definitely equips you with the skills for career self-sufficiency, it also constantly reinforces the importance of building strong corporate networks.

One of the best elements was the chance to showcase our abilities to corporate partners such as Deloitte, as well as non-profit organisations like Fitted for Work and Future Direction Network. Participating in team projects in conjunction with these organisations enabled us to gain invaluable experience in interacting with and pitching to senior executives. It was a great way to experience the reality of the commercial world in a safe space with a peer group that you could both learn from and teach.

These days, employers look for graduates who can contribute to company revenue from their first day on the job. Indeed, the next generation of managers needs to approach their careers with an attitude that reflects the complexity of the modern commercial environment. I think that few undergraduate degrees adequately prepare job candidates for the realities of this challenge. Many employers realise this. That’s why I feel the Master of Management has been so important to my professional development. It has enabled me to differentiate myself from the competition and plays an ongoing role in helping me develop my corporate career.

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