29 June 2011

Mission Accomplished

I came into the Master of Management program at the start of the year looking for definitive career direction. Now I have it.

As of next March I’ll be working with Deloitte in the area of Human Capital Consulting. It’s a fantastic opportunity and something I never expected at the start of the course. Back then I’d just finished my commerce degree but wasn’t exactly sure where I wanted to go as far as a job was concerned. I had a friend who’d done the degree the semester before and had given it rave reviews, so I just thought it’d be a good option for getting a practical perspective on the theory I’d already learned.

The first thing that struck me when I started the program was the relatively small size of the student body - something that really allows you to get to know everyone. The large emphasis on collaboration has also been fantastic. With a huge percentage of marks based on group work, you quickly learn how to function in a team that includes members with different backgrounds and knowledge bases. It’s great preparation for the challenges I’ll face next year.

But by far the part I've enjoyed most has been taking part in the Deloitte FASTRACK Innovation Challenge. It was definitely different to anything else I’ve ever done and not at all what I expected. Even better was being part of the team that won the latest competition. I remember when we first pitched the bones of our idea we were rated second-last by the course coordinators, so to come back from there was a great achievement. Although I’d applied for a job with Deloitte early in the program, our final result definitely helped me secure the role. Needless to say, signing up for the Master of Management degree has definitely been the right move.

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