3 June 2011

Standing Out From The Crowd

Achieving an undergraduate degree is undoubtedly one of the most significant milestones in the life of any individual.

Yet achieving real world success upon entering the workforce can be another challenge entirely. Indeed, what’s often missing is the ability to take a particular specialised skill set (such as an expertise in language, engineering or chemistry) and apply it within a commercial context. To really stand out from the crowd, these types of knowledge bases must be augmented with the skills required to succeed in a dynamic business environment. It’s only then that the transformation to future corporate innovator can be made.

Significantly, the Master of Management program is not just a theoretical classroom-based initiative. Rather, it’s run in conjunction with the business community, with much of the course curriculum designed with input from our dedicated business partners. As such, we’re able to contextualise course material by giving students exposure to practical business settings within multinational corporations, professional services firms, industrial firms and NGOs. It’s an opportunity to really apply what they’ve learned, including skills around planning, finance, strategy, entrepreneurship, marketing, business regulation and cross-culturalism.

It’s interesting that the majority of students who opt for this approach come from non-business backgrounds. Our current student collective includes a landscape architect, a physiotherapist, a filmmaker, as well as numerous graduates in law, engineering and the arts. They’re all individuals who know where their passions and interests lie, but who also recognise the importance of being able to capitalise on their qualifications.

Ultimately, the key truism for any career-minded individual to consider is this: there are many people who hold an undergraduate degree, but not all of them are marketable commodities.

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